Scheldt Feet: Learn how to do and its benefits
 The modern everyday requires an endless rush for all of us. One of the parts of our body that wear the most are the feet, after all, they are the ones that give us the support for the work, walks, races among other activities that always demand their effort. One of the very old and recommended techniques to treat them and relax them is to scale feet with bath salts. The ancient technique consists of relaxation by heating the feet immersed in the water, with the energetic stimuli of bath salts to release nervous tensions and generate an intense sensation of well-being.
From ancient times, the ancients had already set foot in the water to recover their health and also to relax. It is estimated that six thousand years ago the scalp feet were already used for the purpose of providing relaxation and cleanliness to users. Passed from generation to generation, until now its benefits have brought the treatment that our feet need so much.
This homemade form of foot care has evolved and is now known and also used in hydrotherapy as a treatment modality in specialized clinics and in SPA. The scalp feet is used for relaxation, insomnia, respiratory problems and even in the treatment of depression it can be applied. This simple and effective resource can be done at home daily after a stressful day's work.
There are many benefits of scaling feet. Here are some of the most important ones:
Recompose energies;
Help relieve foot pressure;
Reduce swelling in legs and feet;
Relieve stress, tiredness and general aches;
Provide relaxation;
Activate blood circulation;
Reduce pain and discomfort in feet and body;
Relieve tiredness of long standing or sitting;
Cramps or sciatic nerve.
What to use?
Bath salts are recommended for the Scheldt Feet because they are good energy conductors. In scaling feet they have the function of dissipating dense energies that are stagnant in the body. This energy is captured by the feet and flow throughout the body. They are invigorating, promote the mood, translate calm, welcoming and comfort. In addition to renewing the energies.
How to Make Your Feet
In a basin with hot water, between 36 ° C and 46 ° C to the ankles you can also add a little more in the warm water to control the temperature, but the total should be around 2 liters so that the feet are fully covered by water.
Ortho Pauher Tip: Use the Ortho Pauher Bath Salts measuring with the cap. 1 cap full of salts for each liter of water. Will give a scintillating effect when dissolved. Ortho Pauher has launched 3 models: Pearl, Emerald and Gold. All packs yield 18 uses, are antibacterial, moisturize and skin, in addition to being highly perfumed.
As a final result you will feel lighter in the feet, releasing excess fluid and reducing swelling. It can also fight fungal infections by repeating the procedure three times a week.
Water is known as one of the most effective means of healing. It works as a heat or cold conducting vehicle, which being applied to the body will bring changes that affect the nervous and circulatory systems, producing the body's thermal equilibrium.

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