Infographic: Hot or Cold Compress
The famous compresses are always indicated for the relief of the pains in the body and are many situations in which the use is indicated, effectively helping in the treatment and recovery of muscle injuries, bruises, torticollis and even cramps. But along with the idea of using the compress is normal to raise the question about which is better: Hot or cold.

With very similar clinical benefits, cold and heat may seem antagonistic but are similar local analgesics. Making the right choice can increase the effectiveness of a treatment. But everything is not as simple as it seems. The selection is based on several factors that need to be considered. But you should also be aware of its use, as both hot and cold compresses can hurt sensitive skin and depending on its temperature and the time of application can even cause burns. For all cases, whether in the spine or in any other joint, the persistence of symptoms makes it essential to evaluate a specialist.

Properly using ice or hot water will help in recovering from a knock, for example. In most cases the ice should be used up to 48 hours. It is responsible for decreasing blood flow in the affected region, helping to deflate and also has an excellent analgesic effect that starts with 5 minutes of application. Ice packs are great for relieving pain after a bump, for example, but should be avoided for use on the back, chest and belly. Indicated also after the run, it is recommended to take a bath with very cold water or to put an icy compress when feeling some pain in the knee or the ankle, for example. Ice is also a great choice for those who suffer from tendinitis. Indications: blows, after injection, toothache, tendonitis and after training. Decreases blood flow to the site, reduces swelling and inflammation.

In the case of hot water, it promotes dilation of the blood vessels and decreases muscle tension, promoting relaxation. Warm water compresses are great for relieving muscle soreness that arises over time and is especially suitable for placing on the lower back or chest areas, although it can be placed in any region of the body, as long as you do not have a fever , so as not to raise the temperature. The warm compress can be used 3 to 4 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes, but should always be wrapped in a cloth diaper or other thin fabric so that it does not burn the skin. Indications: muscle pain, hematoma, boil, torticollis, before exercise. Benefits: increase local blood flow, increase mobility, promote relaxation
We prepare an infographic to help you identify when it is best to use the Cold compress or when the Hot compress is indicated.

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